Our autumn show at Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange is Many & Beautiful Things featuring Rineke Dijkstra, Binelde Hyrcan, Melanie Manchot, Joseph Szabo, and Santiago Mostyn. The exhibition is concerned with that time in youth when anything is possible, everything is ahead of you, and life is a rush for new experiences. Old age and death are abstract notions, the focus is clearly on the immediate. Of course, there may be inner anguishes, but still there’s an abandon, a thirst – before it inevitably leaves, usually gradually, sometimes suddenly. Many & Beautiful Things is as much about those points when things change, as it is about a mind-set that it won’t.

As part of the exhibition there will be a programme of activity called Fragment24aa nod to the section in If Not, Winter: Fragments Of Sappho translated by Anne Carson, which reminds us that in our youth we did indeed do many and beautiful things.

Fragment24a has three opportunities you may like to participate in:

1: Many & Beautiful Things Billboard
The exhibition will be at both Newlyn Art Gallery and The Exchange and at each venue there will be a large billboard of still photographic images which capture the essence of what it’s like to be young. We are inviting young artists under the age of 30 to submit images as part of the billboard which will be co-curated by Oliver Udy at Antler Press.
Fragment24a (billboard) submission form

2: Instagram takeover
We are looking for four young artists to take over our Instagram account for four weekends during the exhibition posting images which fit within the themes of the show.
Fragment24a (Instagram Takeover) submission form

3: The Collaborators’ Annual Exhibition falls within the time frame of Many & Beautiful Things and it seems appropriate that as the collective is made up of artists at that very stage of their lives, we should make it a satellite show. Therefore this year, for the first time, The Collaborators’ Annual Exhibition will be themed and the work selected. Co-curated by Cat Gibbard and Amos Jacob, Producer of The Thrown Gauntlet Festival The show will be open to the public on Sat 29 Sep with a Preview event on Fri 28 Sep, at both Newlyn Art Gallery and at The Exchange.
Fragment24a (Collaborators’ Annual Exhibition) submission form

You can apply for all three opportunities. Work can be in any media.
Closing date for submissions: 12 noon Mon 20 Aug 2018