Photo by Ian Kingsnorth

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More than 40 Gallery Patrons – enthusiasts, artists, collectors and philanthropists from Cornwall and beyond who love and support contemporary art in the South West – enjoy a close connection to the gallery through social and cultural events.

Thank you for renewing your Patrons subscription or making a donation. Patrons’ support allows us present outstanding art and create inspiring partnership  that might otherwise be unachievable

All subscriptions and donations, large or small, will ensure that we can keep offering our audience and our communities, art and activities that can inspire and change things for the better.


In addition to all the benefits that Gallery Supporters enjoy, Patrons are invited to:

  • Artist and Curators’ Suppers following exhibition opening events.
  • Patrons’ special exhibition previews and personal tours of the exhibition by the artist or curator.
  • Special events throughout the year – invitations to attend Patrons’ receptions at Tate Modern with us, or visits to other galleries out of Cornwall.
  • Patrons also have advance opportunities to buy commissioned and limited edition artwork.

Patrons play a vital role in underpinning ambitious programming of extraordinary art and social engagement in West Cornwall that, without their help, may not otherwise happen.

A Gallery Patron’s subscription is SINGLE £250 pa (or £20 pm) or JOINT £400 pa  (or £33 pm)


Contact Tamsin Young tamsin.young@newlynartgallery for more details.


With thanks to 2021 Patrons
Charles Hancock, President of Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange Patrons’ Circle

Charles & Judith Hancock, Charlotte Andrew, Harriet Andrew, Neil Armstrong, Edward Atter, Myfanwy Barrett CB, Richard Belling, Miranda & Andrew Bird, Colin & Julia Buddle, Angie Butler, Sandy & Michael Coates, Kim Conchie, Heather & Michael Donnelly, James Green, John & Vivian Halkes, Andy Harper, Sir Richard Heaton, Mandy Jandrell, Jeremy Lavis, Madeleine & Donald Main, Lady Owen, Robin Pender, Phyllida Shaw & Don Gaudoin, Dida Tait, Nigel Williams, Kinga Tunnicliffe, Ruth Reid, Sarah McDonald, Sue Cooper and anonymous Patrons.