Participants in the PEN project

We welcome the opportunity to work with schools in the development of bespoke projects, in order to support a particular curriculum area or skill development.

Three favourites have been:

  • Botanical Illustration with Gemma Swan: The atmosphere in these sessions was truly magical.  The group of primary-aged children form St Buryan School became utterly absorbed in their subjects as they strove to achieve scientific accuracy in their drawings.
  • The Salt Project: Three secondary schools took completely different approach as they investigated the science, mythology and importance of salt and its extraction of from seawater in Cornwall, past and present.
  • The Pen Project: A commission by the Penwith Enrichment Network, to extend the learning of 14 gifted and able children aged between eight and eleven years from seven Junior Schools in West Penwith. The group met one day a week over a six-week period and worked with artists Kate Walters and Amanda Lorens to create a mythical world filled with three-dimensional hybrid creatures.



For more information on the Learning & Participation programme, please contact:

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