This year, as our Christmas Campaign, we want to serve a double helping of Tea, Cake & Art to more older people living with loneliness.

In times of hardship, we don’t want to cut back on this weekly social for people who feel isolated, and who would like to spend time with others making new friends through art and creativity.

We want to double up and support TWICE the number of people needing connections that matter in their lives.

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“It lifts my spirit to get out and meet people”

Tea, Cake & Art is friendly and inclusive, and it’s free. And in times like these when so many people struggle with the high cost of living and other challenges, community engagement programmes such as Tea, Cake & Art are the first under threat. This is particularly worrying for those already excluded because of their age and health.

We are running over-capacity now, and receive regular requests to join from more people.

We want to double our offer to reach 40 participants each week. An additional session will not only allow us to reach more people, but means we can also create two sessions of different character to accommodate everyone’s needs.

“I don’t go out much. This is the only thing I go to”

Tea, Cake & Art has a genuine and lasting beneficial effect on wellbeing. We know this from the four years we have been delivering it, and we don’t want to turn people away.

This is why we would like to expand our Tea, Cake & Art offer to double our capacity and include more people. And we need your help to do this! Your contribution: £10, £25, £100 or any amount you wish, will go directly towards serving a double helping of Tea, Cake & Art to those who need it most.

“I like how easy it is to talk to people here”

In return, we are offering a festive range of great rewards, from Tea and Cake for you and a friend, to a double portrait made by our brilliant Tea, Cake & Arters, and our annual Christmas Choral Concert with the Friends in Harmony Choir.

PLEASE Donate Here

Thank you for your support. It really does make a difference.

A Double Helping of Tea, Cake & Art is our Christmas Crowdfunder to raise funds for an additional weekly session of Tea, Cake & Art