Structures Strukturen

11 Oct 2014 — 03 Jan 2015

The Exchange

Tim Allen, Andrew Bick, Ian McKeever, Mark Francis, Günther Förg, Michael Jäger, Ivo Ringe, Miro Zahra

Structures/Strukturen is a British/German collaborative exhibition of contemporary painters. It brings together the work of eight established artists, recognised internationally in their field, who explore the interaction of colour, form and structure. The abstract paintings are informed by the systems that underpin our lives; networks, frameworks and rules, whether manmade or natural.

The individual works are bold and affirmative, each with a capacity to draw in and immerse the viewer and at the core of all the works is the interaction of colour, form and structure. This is a familiar modernist theme, which many artists are currently rediscovering, and adding new interpretations.

Structures/Strukturen is a partnership with Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, Germany, where it was shown 10 May – 24 August 2014, with funding by the British Council. The exhibition was conceived by artist Ivo Ringe and curated, in collaboration with Ringe, by Dr Viola Weigel, director Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven.

Venue: The Exchange
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Open: TUE - SAT, 10.00 - 16.00
Closed: SUN & MON

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Ivo Ringe work made during ReStructured residency at The Exchange



18 Jul - 08 Oct 2016

The Exchange