• Ivo Ringe work made during ReStructured residency at The Exchange
    Image: Work by Ivo Ringe made during ReStructured residency at The Exchange in 2016

18 Jul — 08 Oct 2016

The Exchange


ReStructured was an evolving exhibition and residency, reuniting painters from our Structures / Strukturen exhibition in 2014 and inviting other international artists to work alongside them, responding to new displayed work.

Over three weeks in The Engine Room, 18 Jul – 6 Aug, the artists in ReStructured  continued the exploration of colour, form and structure, informed by systems that underpin our lives; networks, frameworks and rules. With a programme of events ReStructured continued the dialogue that started with the original exhibition.

The display in the Meeting Room contains work that was the starting point for many of the artists, and for others, work that was made during their time at The Exchange.

The original exhibition Structures / Strukturen at The Exchange autumn 2014 brought together four German and four British painters: Tim Allen, Andrew Bick, Ian McKeever, Mark Francis, Günther Förg, Michael Jäger, Ivo Ringe, Miro Zahra and was also shown at Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, Germany.


Artists who participated in ReStructured:

  • Stefan Annerel, Belgium
  • Rupert Eder, Germany
  • Luke Frost, Britain
  • Michelle Jaffé, USA
  • Frank Norden, Germany
  • Terry Pope, Britain
  • Ivo Ringe, Germany
  • Heather Sheehan, USA/Germany
  • Shawn Stipling, Britain


Plus Artists Exhibiting:

  • Tim Allen, Britain
  • Andrew Bick, Britain
  • Günther Förg, Germany
  • Mark Francis, Ireland
  • Michael Jäger, Germany
  • Alf Löhr, Germany / Britain
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Venue: The Exchange
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Tim Allen


Structures Strukturen

11 Oct 2014 - 03 Jan 2015

The Exchange