• Image: Arinda Daphine and Shallal Dance Theatre, In Your Hands, photo by Ian Kingsnorth Photography
  • Image: In Your Hands, photo by Ian Kingsnorth Photography
  • Image: Klaas Rommelaere, Home, In Your Hands, photo by Ian Kingsnorth Photography
  • Image: Georgia Gendall, Forced Collaboration, In Your Hands, photo by Ian Kingsnorth Photography
  • Image: Kate Rich, Interdependence, In Your Hands, photo by Ian Kingsnorth Photography
  • Image: Benny Nemer, A Fleurer, In Your Hands, photo by Ian Kingsnorth Photography
  • Image: Lenka Clayton & Phillip Andrew Lewis, A Net To Catch Everything, In Your Hands, photo by Ian Kingsnorth Photography

24 Jul — 16 Oct 2021

Newlyn Art Gallery

In Your Hands is a group exhibition connecting international artists with people in Cornwall in collaborations to realise or fabricate their artwork. The artists have put the making of their art into the hands of others, placing their trust in them, and embracing serendipitous outcomes.

While the pandemic has brought restrictions to travel, there is an ever-growing desire to be part of international networks. Touch has been very much missed, and In Your Hands explores new connections, inviting a dance between continents; a call and response with words and flowers; and an ode to the home we have all spent so much time in.

Arinda Daphine, a poet and dancer, and civil rights lawyer, in Kampala, Uganda, has devised a new multi-discipline performance-for-camera with Shallal Dance Theatre, who have been celebrating diversity, ability and community in Cornwall for 25 years. Daphine is supported by BLACK* Artists on the Move.
Watch Foraging Nectar, a 40-minute film by Shallal giving a walk-through experience of the collaborative installation of In Your Hands.

Lenka Clayton & Phillip Andrew Lewis, both based in Pittsburgh, USA, commissioned the oldest existing net-maker in the UK, Henry Cowls, still working from a factory in Helston, to make a vast single net that incorporates every variation of mesh that they produce. One impossible net that theoretically could catch everything, and nothing.

Benny Nemer, a Canadian artist based in Paris, will send a personal card each week during the exhibition to a local florist, who will respond with a different floral arrangement for the gallery – an intimate conversation developing over the summer.

Klaas Rommelaere, a textile artist based in Antwerp, has created Home, a fabric room, furnished with cross stitched objects, ornaments and possessions created by over 80 people across Cornwall and the UK, including members of our Tea, Cake & Art group, and others who took part in our recent Extraordinary Postcards exhibition. View a 360 model of Home that reveals the photos and texts that inspired the cross stitch designs. See ‘Read More’ below for a list of participants

Georgia Gendall is inviting her international networks to participate in her ongoing project Forced Collaboration, by devising instructions for our collective of young artists The Collaborators to create new artworks for In Your Hands. Georgia is leading a Workshop Walk on 21 Aug, taking Forced Collaboration on a circular walk from Newlyn Art Gallery.

Kate Rich, artist and trader currently based in Tasmania, presents Interdependence, a redefinition of enterprise as ‘any productive activity that could bring us sustenance’. For In Your Hands, she will link Newlyn Art Gallery to a number of international endeavours by artists to establish alternative economies.

International artist networks will be represented by selection of books, including Mothers’ Days by An Artist Residency in Motherhood, The Videoart at Midnight Artists’ Cookbook and Sonntag – A Recipe for Social Practices

In the Studio, the artist instructions created for Forced Collaboration are displayed again for visitors to make their own artworks in response.

We have a short audio piece made in response to the Interdependence display in In Your HandsArtists Will Save Us by Lu-p Listen on Soundcloud.

In Your Hands is curated by Blair Todd, Programme Curator.


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Klaas Rommelaere, an artist based in Antwerp, Belgium wanted to make an installation that represented the collective home that we have all spent so much time in. We invited people across the UK to send us photographs of their favourite possessions, with a sentence explaining why it meant so much to them.

These inspired a design that was sent to each participant, with a sewing kit – a total of 63 adults and 22 children participated. For many this was their first time doing needlework, or revisiting skills not performed for some years, but each has brought a unique personality to this group collaboration.

Andrew Hinton, Angela Elsom, Angela Hodgson-Teall, Bettina Wenzel, Blair Todd, Brenda Louch, Cat Gibbard, Cherie Clegg, Debra Hankins, Esther Wilson, Flo Sibley, Fred Dean, Georgia Parkin-Jones, Gillian Cooke, Gillie Hind, Greg Milton, pupils from Gwinear School, Helen Banks, Hester Ellis, Hilary Franklin, Jacqueline Jones, Jak Stringer, Jo Haigh, Jo McIntosh, Joanna Chislett, Julie Jones, Julie Massam, June Prunty, Karen Foss, Katie Lennon, Laurie Finestone, Lesley Styles, Linda Hazel, Linda Stewart, Lyn Wills, Miranda Bird, Molly Oliver, Nectorios Stamatapoulos, Nick Cooney, Pamela Storey, Paula Cox, Phyllis Solis, Pippa Davey, Rosalind Stroud, Roseni Dearden, Sandra Hicks, Sarah Warwick, Sophie Harding, Sonja Fairfield, Soraya Smithson, Stella Benson, Sue Lewis, Susan Bovington, Tamsin Young, Teresa Harvey, Trisha Langdon, Tristan Davey, Vicky Howard, Victoria Bamford-Hammond, Vida Cody, Viv Jones, Viv McKee, Winnie Chan.


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