Structures Residency

Bull by Ivo Ringe in Structures at Newlyn Art Gallery
Image: Bull by Ivo Ringe

10 Feb — 24 Feb 2018

Newlyn Art Gallery

Structures Residency is a two-week evolving exhibition and residency of international artists whose practice is informed by networks, frameworks and systems. Bringing together 25 artists from the UK, Europe, and the US, the residency enables an exchange of methods, approaches and ideas. The artists will work together in an open-plan studio space in one half of the upper gallery, alongside an evolving exhibition of work made during the residency.
The lower gallery will present a static exhibition of work to illustrate their usual practice and give a context to their time in the residency. The open nature of studio and exhibition in one space will enable conversations between visitors and artists.

Structures Residency is generously supported by Midas Group, Falmouth School of Art, Aspects Holidays and Cultivator Cornwall.

The Structures Kitchen will pop up in the café for the two weeks, providing street food from around the world for the artists and visitors. Tue – Sat, 12.00 – 14.00

ReStructured residency 2016
Structures / Strukturen exhibition 2014



Tim Allen (GB) / Stefan Annerel (B) / Bronwen Anwyl (GB) / Joe Barnes (USA) / Andrew Bick (GB) / Kate Beck (USA) / Deb Covell (GB) / Rachael Coward (GB) / Rupert Eder (D) / Luke Frost (GB) / Karen Foss (GB) / Hanz Hancock (GB) / Robert Ive (GB) / Michael Jaeger (D) / Michelle Jaffé (USA) / Liam Jolly (GB) / Patrick Morrissey (GB) / Roland Orépük (F) / Ivo Ringe (D) / Barbara Rosengarth (D) / Heather Sheehan (USA/D) / Shawn Stipling (GB) / Li Trincere (USA) / Anne-Marie Watson (GB) / Miro Zahra (CZ/D)



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Venue: Newlyn Art Gallery
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Open: Tuesday–Saturday: 10.00–17.00
Closed: Sunday & Monday

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