Laura Drayson – Earrings


Silver & Apatite Statement Earrings

The unpredictable nature and untamed beauty of the historical Cornish coastline is a constant source of inspiration for Laura. Her designs are informed by the textures, colours, shapes, and the landscape found here and the connections they evoke. Tin mine ruins and footpaths clinging to clifftops, patterns and marks made by the history of industry, weathered surfaces, and personal journeys all provide unending inspiration.

Laura works mainly in silver and semi-precious gemstones. Gemstones allow her to introduce colour into her work using a palette that echoes her coastal inspiration. Designs develop in the making process, allowing the natural characteristics of the gemstone shapes and the forms of the loose ground on the footpaths to interact with techniques of making. Each stage made by hand, nothing is identical, no two two pieces are the same.




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