Jason Walker – Treasure Trove


Treasure Trove

25 x 25cm

Graphite on paper

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Jason Walker is highly regarded for his sensitive portraits and his thoughtful depictions of everyday objects. His approach to painting is accompanied by a command of tonal values and refined use of colour, which both inform and give a subtle presence to his chosen subject.

Jason graduated from Falmouth College of Art in 1992. As well as a series of solo and mixed exhibitions, he has won prizes in the Discerning Eye Exhibition, the Hunting Art Prize and exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery’s BP Portrait Award, for the last 5 years. In 2004 he won the Holburne Portrait Prize and was commissioned to paint Glastonbury Festival founder, Michael Eavis. The portrait is now in the permanent collection at the Holburne Museum of Art in Bath.

“In these drawings I hope to describe the particularity of each object, to reveal something of their quiet beauty, and how, although still of themselves they have been altered by time and tide and now wear a new guise. It is their perceived insignificance their fragility, their permanence, and their resilience that captivates me, they are of us yet alien, they are our blight and at the same time evidence of our presence.

Most of the drawings were done in the evenings, often late into the night, quietly in my safe space far away from a world that seems to be spiralling, a world that at times feels too big for me. These drawings take time, and it is in the process, the reverie that I find catharsis, the temporality of careful observation and considered scrutiny, this ‘process’ is for me, a place of refuge.

I confess, I didn’t expect to be making works of this nature, it was never my intention to revisit the still life as a subject, or indeed to make work that employed such close observation, However, it has been a while since I last made work and starting again with paint seemed too big a step, so my thoughts were to keep it simple, an object, some pencils, and some paper, and this small group of drawings is what came of that……”

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