If you are affected by any of the issues in the film STEPHEN, the following agencies can provide support.

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  • Action on Addiction
    Is a national charity which offers residential rehab and community-based addiction treatment.
  • rehabonline 
    Rehab Online is a directory of residential rehabilitation services for adult drug and/or alcohol misusers in England and Wales. It will give you information about these services, whether you are a member of the public, a professional or a service user.
  • Adfam: families drugs and alcohol
    Provides support and information specifically for families affected by drug and alcohol use. It is their ultimate goal that no family in need of support should go without it.
    “Al-Anon Family Groups provide support to anyone whose life is, or has been, affected by someone else’s drinking, regardless of whether that person is still drinking or not. For some of our members, the wounds still run deep, even if their loved one may no longer be a part of their lives or have died…”
  • Alcohol change
    Alcohol Change is the leading national charity working on alcohol issues. Our goal is to improve people’s lives through reducing the harm caused by alcohol. We have an ambitious long-term aim to change the drinking culture in this country.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
    Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.
  • Club Drug Clinic
    This is a national service for people who have begun to experience problems with their use of recreational drugs.
  • Druglink specialist misuse services
    Druglink’s objective is to make a significant and positive impact on the lives of those misusing drugs & alcohol, their families and the communities in which they live, by providing a diverse and responsive range of services.
  • Favor.uk
    We are a national charity made up of individuals in recovery, their friends, families and community recovery organisations.
  • Know your limits
  • National Institute on Drug abuse: the science of drug abuse & addiction
    “Driving facts: Drugged driving. Use of any psychoactive (mind-altering) drug makes it highly unsafe to drive a car and is illegal—just like driving after drinking alcohol. Drugged driving puts at risk not only the driver but also passengers and others who share the road.”
  • The National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse (NTA)
    A special health authority within the NHS, established by Government in 2001 to improve the availability, capacity and effectiveness of treatment for drug misuse in England.
  • NHS alcohol advice
    The National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse (NTA) is a special health authority within the NHS, established by Government in 2001 to improve the availability, capacity and effectiveness of treatment for drug misuse in England.
  • Rehab4Addiction
    “Rehab 4 Addiction was founded to assist those affected by substance misuse and their loved ones. We offer a range of services, and help signpost you to the most effective treatments. This includes alcohol rehab, drug rehab, detox services, intervention, aftercare and outpatient counselling. Our helpline advisors are committed to helping you in your quest to locate effective treatments for addiction.”
  • Talking about drugs with your child (NSPCC)
    “It can be difficult to talk about drugs with your kids, but a few key pointers can make it a whole lot easier. Use these tips to help you talk openly about drugs with your child”
  • The dangers of drug driving an interactive site
    “A test known as the Drugalyser® is due to be introduced into police traffic proceedings, to help police detect and tackle drug-driving offences at the roadside. With this in mind, Evans Halshaw provides this guide to how different drugs can affect your driving ability – and why you shouldn’t get behind the wheel if you’re under the influence.”
  • Talk to Frank
    The Frank helpline provides free, confidential advice, counselling and referral to specialist services 24 hours a day. The Talk to Frank website also has a facility for finding organisations in your local area that can help you.