The Jerwood Newlyn Residency

We are thrilled to be named as part of the Jerwood Arts’ Development Programme. We will be working with Jerwood Arts to deliver six artists’ residencies, collectively known as The Jerwood Newlyn Residency, between 2020 and 2022.

Building on our 125-year history as an artist-centred organisation, over the past decade a commitment to supporting artists’ experimentation has been key to our programme, offering artists the time and space to explore conceptual and practical issues in the gallery. We will be expanding this idea to invite artists to work across the whole organisation for extended periods, moving beyond particular projects and programmes, and instead intervening wherever their interest takes them.  Artists will be able to explore and develop their own practice in response to the wider mission of the Gallery. They may chose to focus their activities on any aspect of the work of the Gallery or the values that underpins it.  Artists are particularly invited to contribute to debates around the civic role of the Gallery.

James Green, Director of Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange explained:

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with artists in a completely new way and are excited about the practice and learning that will emerge.  We were also thrilled that Jerwood Arts had the confidence to support a residency model that hasn’t previously been tested in a visual arts context.” 

The residency will provide artists with an extraordinary opportunity to develop their own practice with the full support of the wider gallery team and its network. We recently interviewed for the first two residencies to take place between May and October 2020. The second call for the remaining four residencies will be advertised in June 2020.

The Jerwood Newlyn Residency is supported by Jerwood Arts.

Jerwood Arts is the leading independent funder dedicated to supporting UK artists, curators and producers to develop and thrive. We enable transformative opportunities for individuals across art forms, supporting imaginative awards, bursaries, fellowships, projects, programmes and commissions. We present new work and bring people from across the arts together through our exhibitions and events in London, as well as across the UK.

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  • Newlyn Art Gallery. Photo by Steve Tanner

  • Exterior of Newlyn Art Gallery, photo by Steve Tanner

    Newlyn Art Gallery. Photo: Steve Tanner

  • Newlyn Art Gallery

    Newlyn Art Gallery