Call Don’t Fall

Having been in lockdown without incident for ages, it was just my luck to gain an infection on June 4, 2020, which brought about a night of pain, an ambulance dash, made bearable by the presence of two paramedics who could not have been more comforting, to Treliske, which, of course was itself in Lockdown. An eerie experience, strangely quiet, only three of us in a ward for six – no visitors, but thankfully no television, radio or music within. It was there, when free of pain, that I just came eyeball to eyeball with a poster urging me to CALL don’t FALL. Wherever I went, whether to X-Ray or change of ward, it was there telling, not to say begging, me to do just that. As it happened as far as I know, I didn’t call, neither did I fall, but following five days and nights of excellent care and attention I was allowed home still locked down, up, in or out, call it what you will. But where I can now boast of being the proud companion of a SUPRA-PUBIC-CATHETER – not many people say that!

Ruhrmund Heamoor