Art That Inspires and Drives Change

By Bethia Naughton-Rumbo

In 2019, it was a great honour to be selected to join the Board of Trustees for Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange. Supporting contemporary artists since 1895, the Gallery believes that art can inspire and drive change. Their mission is to connect Cornwall with visual arts internationally, for the benefit of the community and the development of artists.

As well as representing over 300 artists and exhibiting around 10 artists of international standing each year, the Gallery also champions young and emerging artists and curators. They regularly collaborate with local schools and community groups such as St Petrocs, WILD Young Parents and AddAction.

The Gallery is currently in the final weeks of the Catalyst: Evolve match funding scheme. All donations, Supporter and Patron subscriptions and sponsorships received by 28 August 2019 will be matched. The gift will be doubled by Catalyst and supplemented by Gift Aid so that:

  • a Supporter’s £25 becomes £56.25,
  • a donation of £100 becomes £225,
  • a Patron’s £250 becomes £562.50.

Supporters get in return:

  • Free admission to both galleries
  • Invitations to Supporter exhibition previews
  • 10% discount in both cafes and shops.

Patrons, additionally, are invited to artist and curator suppers, an annual dinner and an annual Patrons’ reception at Tate Modern.

All new and renewing supporters will receive a limited-edition Samuel Basset-designed bag.  Find out more here


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  • Limited edition bag, designed by Samuel Bassett

  • Young People's Art Prize 2019. Ian Stenson Photography

  • Photo; Steve Tanner

  • Transition 2017, Week Three, Synnove Fredericks Photo: Steve Tanner

  • Artist Samuel Bassett with the bag he designed for us