Samuel Bassett Bag

  • Image: Limited edition bag, designed by Samuel Bassett
  • Image: Limited edition bag, designed by Samuel Bassett
  • Image: Artist Samuel Bassett with the bag he designed for us
  • Image: Artist Samuel Bassett with the bag he designed for us

30 Jul — 31 Aug 2019

Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange


We are reaching the final weeks of our Catalyst: Evolve support that matches, and therefore doubles, all donations, subscriptions, sponsorship and legacies made to us by the end of August. To celebrate and say a big Thank You, we are giving a free limited-edition bag, designed for us by Samuel Bassett, to all new and renewing* Supporters and Patrons.

Your support, doubled by Catalyst, has allowed us to realise art projects that would otherwise be unachievable, or only in reduced form. From Janet Cardiff’s Forty Part Motet at Richmond Chapel to sustained work with a new partnership of local schools, from Simon Faithfull’s astonishing Fathom showing at The Exchange this summer, to the delightful Tea, Cake & Art, our permanent Tuesday afternoon sessions for older people living alone.

We hope you’ve enjoyed making these things happen, and that you’d like to continue supporting the work we are doing as we move into a new three-year phase of partnership with the Arts Council Collection, and exciting curatorial adventures with local groups and schools working with artworks of national importance.

All new and renewing* Supporters and Patrons by the end of August 2019, will receive a Samuel Bassett bag. You will also, of course, receive the normal benefits:

  • Free admission to Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange
  • Invitations to Supporters’ previews, and artist walk & talks
  • 10% discount on all purchases in the gallery cafés and shops, inlcuding artworks

Patrons will additionally be invited to the diary of Patrons’ events: Artist and Curator Suppers, Tate Modern Patrons’ Receptions, and Patrons’ exhibition previews.

For details, please come in and chat with one of our Front of House volunteers, or call Tamsin on 01736 363715, email [email protected], or sign up here.

* If you’re not due to renew your Supporter Subscription this month don’t worry, you can renew it early (by the end of August) and we will extend your Supportership by the months remaining, and you will get your bag – plus, we will be able to double your subscription.

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Closed: SUN & MON

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