Transition 2019

  • Image: Resonant Space: Jack Doherty, Sarah Frangleton, Benjamin D Harvey and Louis Gulliver King
  • Image: JOMO
  • Image: Robin, etching by Jessica Glover

19 Feb — 16 Mar 2019

Newlyn Art Gallery

Transition is an opportunity for artists, or artist groups, to use the gallery space to consider how a series of works is developing or to try out ideas for an installation or interactive project. Transition gives artists the time and space to take ideas forward in a public environment, aiming to explore conceptual and practical issues, without the constraints of presenting a finalised exhibition. Artists can challenge their practice and take risks concerning their usual working techniques. It offers visitors the chance to see work in a state of flux, meet the artists and discuss the work.

Schedule for Transition 2019

19 – 23 FEB
Lower gallery: SEAMAS CAREY
A human man puts time into context, on a wall.

Upper gallery: SORAYA SMITHSON
Making an exhibition about a poem about an exhibition; Smithson leads a cross-disciplinary creative collaboration.

26 – 2 MAR
Lower gallery: DAN HOLLINGS
The beauty of everyday life, even if it’s ugly.

Upper gallery: LUCINDA BURGESS.
Exploring the boundaries between drawing, painting, sculpture and architecture.

5 – 9 MAR
Lower gallery: JESSICA GLOVER
A brief interactive display of an ongoing enquiry into the ‘male’ figure in art.

A multi-disciplinary collaboration between an artist/maker, a curator, a writer and a musician. With a focus on live performance, they will develop work in response to new ways of understanding ceramic vessels, through sound and text.

12 – 16 MAR
Both galleries: JOMO
An open-ended dialogue between space, artworks and people, where nothing is fixed but always expanding and contracting, breathing in and out. Resonance grows, and falls between, individual dispositions, insights, information and experiences.


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Venue: Newlyn Art Gallery
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Open: Tuesday–Saturday: 10.00–17.00
Closed: Sundays & Mondays

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Gemma Anderson, Serena Korda, Delfina Muñoz de Toro and Abel Rodriguez

16 Feb - 18 May 2019

The Exchange