We are looking to fill the year with work by exciting contemporary artists, sculptors, printmakers, makers, designers, or photographers, with exhibitions of approx. eight weeks duration, and 12 weeks in the summer.

The Picture Room is a small space at Newlyn Art Gallery used for changing exhibitions of work for sale. See our 2024 line up.

We’d like to encourage submissions of artworks in any medium and format. National and regional artists are welcome to apply, however we are particularly interested in artists that have a strong connection to Cornwall.

If you’d like to be considered for selection, please complete the short application form, the Equal Opportunities monitoring form and email them along with five images of your work to [email protected]

(The images do not need to be of the actual work you would like to show but representative of your work generally, and indicative of the work you would like to exhibit.)

The deadline for the applications is 09.00 on 30 SEP 2024
We are expecting a large number of submissions so will only be contacting applicants if we need further information, or would like to offer you an exhibition slot.

Please do NOT send written submissions or physical work for consideration. We will only review submissions we receive via email and will not return any unsolicited work.

Application form

Equal Opportunities Form



Please note: full T&Cs will be issued when we offer you a slot.

  • Work may be selected to be displayed in the gallery shop at either or both venues, in The Studio, the online shop, or in group shows, at the discretion of the gallery.
  • Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange applies a commission of 50% to any sale of art works on display at the gallery or on the online shop
  • Artist Commission of 50% of the sales of items (including 50% of the VAT) will be paid the month after sale.
  • Work needs to be delivered to the gallery on an agreed date in advance of the show.
  • Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange will not pay for works to be delivered to, or collected from, the gallery.
  • Images of the works, along with titles, dimensions, media etc need to be emailed to us four weeks in advance of the exhibition so that we may prepare a price list, and add to our website.
  • We will promote The Picture Room shows, which may include an annual poster and card listing all 2025 shows/artists, an annual page on the website and a website page for each show. We will also include the shows in our regular e-newsletters, and promote across our social media channels, which may include collaborative posts.
  • You will be required to promote and share the exhibition on your own social media channels, to your own mailing list (if you have one) and anywhere else appropriate.
  • If you wish to create your own poster for the show, this will need to be agreed with, and signed off by, our Marketing & Communications Manager.
  • All items will be returned to artists with no damage or repairs needed.
  • If a work is lost or damaged while in the possession of Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange, the gallery shall notify the artist/maker immediately, and be liable to pay the stated retail price less the stated commission.
  • Martha Holmes

  • Aster Guinness, Empty Like a Gong

  • Kitty Hillier, The Picture Room 2021, photo by Ian Kingsnorth

  • Sarah Woods, The Picture Room 2021, photo by Ian Kingsnorth