The Midas Award 2014

18 Oct — 15 Nov 2014

Newlyn Art Gallery

Five artists were selected from this year’s degree shows at Falmouth University for this group exhibition at Newlyn Art Gallery

The shortlisted artists, Laura Adams, Calum Armstrong, Diana Bechmann, Jon Doran and Guido Lanteri Laura present their work in the upper gallery.

In the lower gallery, last year’s winner, Marc Messenger, presents Existed, a solo show exploring our complex relationships with the natural word.

Work from this year’s shortlisted artists includes Mindscape, an atmospheric animation by Laura Adams set in a dark and mysterious building where strange occurrences take place.

Calum Armstrong’s architectural sculptures, made with clay, sand and straw, will buttress the gallery walls and push up against the ceiling. Diana Bechmann’s intricately carved plaster sculptures feature life size figures, shrouded and bound in fabric.

Jon Doran’s series of paintings feature young people finding their way through woodlands, paused at the fork in a path or tentatively stepping into a stream. Guido Lanteri Laura’s film Modo Del Abeglia, features his alter ego, Jean-Pierre Lanteri, performing gravity-defying actions in the forested mountains of his ancestors.

The 2014 winner, Guido Lanteri Laura, announced on Friday 17th October at the private view, will receive a year’s supply of art materials, professional mentoring and a solo show at Millennium Gallery in the autumn of 2015, providing another opportunity for a new artist to present work in a high-profile professional venue.

Venue: Newlyn Art Gallery
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Open: TUE - SAT, 10.00 - 17.00
Closed: SUN & MON

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