Sophia Starling, Kate Terry, Sarah Kate Wilson

19 Jul — 27 Sep 2014

Newlyn Art Gallery

An exhibition of works by contemporary artists in the upper gallery, at Newlyn Art Gallery, explores abstraction through a variety of media. London-based artists Sophia Starling, Kate Terry and Sarah Kate Wilson explore abstraction, colour and construction through a diversity of media. While Starling uses traditional painting materials in unconventional ways, Wilson uses unconventional materials in a painterly way, and Terry’s sculptures create an intuitive balance between minimalist forms.

Sophia Starling’s paintings use a formal abstraction of circles and ellipses of colour, built up on one another. Each painting is constructed from one piece of fabric, stretched over each plywood form in turn. Often the works are then deconstructed and re-stretched, revealing unpainted surfaces; unveiling the process and materials. In each case, the raw edge of the canvas is stapled to the wall; soft folds of fabric framing a stack of monochrome forms.

Kate Terry’s practice includes drawing, that reference the conventions of architectural plans, and installations of coloured thread that span across an entire gallery space, creating intricate geometric patterns. Her sculptures, presented in this exhibition, are created with simple materials; painted wood, perspex and thread. These geometric abstractions, reduced to succinct lines and planes of colour, are physically tethered by the artist to the spaces they occupy; tied by threads or propped, wedged and suspended from walls and corners.

Sarah Kate Wilson explores ideas of ‘duration’ in painting. The life span of creation doesn’t end in the studio, as she gives instructions to enable her paintings to evolve over time throughout the exhibition. At set times through the day, gallery invigilators will activate the works; moving a balloon, inflating a balloon, adding or removing a ball. Sidestepping the idea of a ‘finished’ painting, her works exist in an eternal state of ‘becoming’.

In addition to the large-scale works at The Exchange, the Lower Gallery at Newlyn presents collage works by Sandra Blow and ephemera from her St Ives studio. This includes a selection of Blow’s smaller works, some of which are now in private collections and rarely exhibited. The works are shown alongside ephemera from her Bullans Court studio, such as the hessian and torn, coloured paper she used to create her collage and mixed media pieces.

Venue: Newlyn Art Gallery
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Open: TUE - SAT, 10.00 - 17.00
Closed: SUN & MON

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