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In October 2023, award winning reportage artist Olivier Kugler and Senior Lecturer in Illustration at Falmouth University, Linda Scott, took a group of second year Illustration students to Newlyn Harbour, to gather primary visual research inspired by the Fish and Chip Project. This ongoing study, by Olivier and journalist Andrew Humphreys, looks at the quintessentially British culinary tradition of the fish and chip shop, where they talk to the shop owners, the fish sellers, and the men and women who work on the boats. Olivier produces the images whilst Andrew interviews those working within the industry and provides the copy. Their work has been exhibited around the UK and beyond.

The work produced for this collaborative exhibition is a collection of individual responses to the students’ visual research and interviews with the people connected with the Newlyn Fishing Industry. The students wish to thank Julian Wearing and Eddie Fletcher from The Fishermen’s Mission, Rich Adams from Argoe, Nina and James from Mackerel Sky, the fishermen, fishmongers and others in the area, for the generosity of their time and knowledge.


FRI 10 MAY at NEWLYN ART GALLERY 19.00 – 20.00
Free entry, all welcome. 

Lottie Holmes: My drawing aims to narrate the journey of Newlyn’s fishing industry from port to restaurant, from research and observational drawings done on location inspired by a reportage trip led by illustrator Olivier Kugler. Thank-you to all who took the time to tell me about their story in the industry.

Ferghal Hainsworth: My response was a graphic novel on the unresolved struggles foreign fishing crews have gone through the past years in England. It has a visual narrative on a Ghanaian worker, with contextual facts overlayed. These two pages are originals, without the text.

James Webb: My work for this project consists of a Risograph printed collection of observational sketchbook pages created in Newlyn and a halftone screen-printed poster developed from these pages, focusing on the renaming and attempted rebranding of several native species often caught in Newlyn.

Poppy Burrows: Our trip to Newlyn helped me recognise the long chain of hardworking people that get the fish from the harbour to our plates. These risographs were two outcomes created in response to my research on Newlyn and the discussions we had regarding the lifestyle and sustainability of the fishing industry.

Olivier Kugler: John Ateiku, a fisherman in Ghana. From a small series of drawings depicting scenes of daily live in Butre, a fishing community in Ghana. The pencil drawings were done at home – back in London – using reference photos I took on location in 2008. The colouring was done digitally and the hand written text is based on an interview I conducted with John Ateiku, a local fisherman. Julian and Eddie from the Fishermen’s Mission. Sketch and notes taken during a presentation of the Fishermen’s Mission’s work for Falmouth University illustration students… Newlyn Harbour, October 2023.

Amber Spaargaren: Born to Fish, Forced to Work. ‘Cut and Stick at Home Fish Wall Art’ Fishing Facts for Friends of Fishermen. Text and imagery from interviews with Newlyn residents with the aim of supporting the sustainable fishing industry and opposing the anti-fishing stance of some Cornish families.

Beth Uglow: Following our trip to Newlyn and interviewing some local business-owners, I felt inspired to make a light hearted, informational zine as a campaign to provide some basic education and tips for people who want to make environmentally conscious seafood choices, without feeling pressured or overwhelmed with information.

Grace Greenbank: My research and time spent in Newlyn finalised into a concertina book and wall piece that featured image and text. My aim was to increase awareness on sustainable fishing practices and celebrate Newlyn’s historic fishing heritage. This body of work includes collected stories and findings translated through the process of collage, drawing and typography.

Millie Mainwaring: This piece references a range of the fish sold at Trelawney’s Deli in Newlyn. This sparked my interest, especially the shelves filled with products to pair alongside the countertop seafood. Seeing it sold across the way from where it was sourced was a new experience for me and changed my perspective on buying seafood.

Alice Moore: Journey of the Rosebud PZ87 Map depicting the journey of the Rosebud PZ87 in 1936, Newlyn to London. Inspired by conversations with local residents in Newlyn.

Rosie Dunbar: Visiting Newlyn harbour and fish market I was inspired to create a drawing documenting the slice of time after fish arrive at the harbour, following as each catch passes through different hands, machinery and vehicles before being sold in the early hours of the morning.

Louise Tobin: This is a deck of cards inspired by the fishing culture of Newlyn. Through conversations with the Fishermen’s Mission the topic of loneliness and isolation came up frequently, it became important that the cards act as a symbol of appreciation while through their format also become a tool of bonding.


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