Kerry Harding

  • Image: Kerry Harding, Painted Postcards showing in The Picture Room, (all works for sale, please enquire)
  • Image: Kerry Harding, The trees bend here (glazed) 15 x 10cm, £395
  • Image: Kerry Harding, Catching the last light (glazed), 15 x 10cm, £395
  • Image: Kerry Harding, The last before the Atlantic (glazed)10 x 15cm, £395
  • Image: Kerry Harding, Dreaming of Bawden (glazed) 10 x 15cm, £395
  • Image: Kerry Harding, Till next year (glazed) 10 x 15cm, £395
  • Image: Kerry Harding, Said goodnights on the jetty (glazed) 10 x 15cm, £395
  • Image: Kerry Harding, There she is, 30 x 21cm, £895

19 May — 03 Jul 2021

The Picture Room, Newlyn Art Gallery


To co-incide with Seaside: Photographed, we present a collection of paintings by Kerry Harding that take a unique approach to defining the character of our coastline, and our relationship with it.

Kerry’s work is inspired by the landscape immediately around her home on the Cornish coast. Her focus is on the visually familiar – the views and landmarks that fill her ‘everyday’ and are imprinted on her memory by force of repetition. Over time, each glance at a familiar scene creates a relationship built of real, imagined and felt interpretations of ‘place’.

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All works are for sale.
Kerry Harding Price List

Some of the works are only available online (shown above).

“I wanted this show to connect in some way to the Seaside:Photographed exhibition and considered the idea of holiday memories, particularly those ‘edited’ into postcards and over time creating feelings of nostalgia and romanticism.”

This artists practice is process led and is based on the instinctive adding, removing and reworking of paint over long periods of time, sometimes several years, until a meaningful image asserts itself. In this way she brings impulse, memory and emotion to the act of painting, layering soft, vintage colours like layers of distant memory, and so referencing this often imagined sense of holiday nostalgia through the aged, faded feel of the canvas.


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Venue: The Picture Room, Newlyn Art Gallery
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