• A paintng featuring two figres dressed in yellow, with a third figure perched on the head of one of them
    Image: Elizabeth Loveday, Holywell Bay
  • A painting featuring a reclining nude figure, a woman in agreend dress and a mythical half man half beast figure
    Image: Elizabeth Loveday, Lanyon Quoit
  • Image shows a painting that depiccst a naked man on the bank of a river looking at across at two female figures
    Image: Elizabeth Loveday, Boscastle
  • Image shows a painting of naked woman, plus two other figures, dancing.
    Image: Elizabeth Loveday, Carn Brea
  • Image of a painting, depicts two people swimming with a large fish / sea creature
    Image: Elizabeth Loveday, Newlyn

25 May — 22 Jul 2023

The Picture Room, Newlyn Art Gallery



A series of new oil and acrylic paintings on handmade gesso by Elizabeth Loveday, featuring characters from Cornish Folklore and the artist’s life, plants, and Cornish landmarks. Using colour, texture, scale, and figurative drawing, she builds scenes of tenderness and frivolity to describe her home. Plains of smooth gesso contrast the grainy, which is mixed with Cornish sand and earth. This backdrop holds the characters in a dream-like state, in a moment that captures the mood of place.


All works are for sale.

ELIZABETH LOVEDAY List of Works and prices Updated

Venue: The Picture Room, Newlyn Art Gallery
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Open: DAILY,10.00 - 17.00

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