Cafe Morte: The Tears of Things

Image: Cafe Morte: The Tears of Things:

10 Dec — 11 Dec 2016

The Exchange

CAFE MORTE is visiting The Makers’ Market with The Tears of Things: a growing collection of broken objects that is intended as a starting point to initiate conversation and dialogue around the emotional value and attachment we have to something that is broken in our lives. The collection will form the beginning of a growing body of research relating to death and our attachments to broken objects.

AFTERNOON TEA with CAFÉ MORTE Sunday 11 December 14.00 – 16.00
In addition to their stall, Cafe Morte is hosting an afternoon tea on Sunday. You are invited to bring in a broken object that you are attached to – an Antiques Roadshow of broken objects, often with no material value. These objects will form the basis of a discussion led by Cafe Morte.

CAFE MORTE is a research group led by Mercedes Kemp and Lucy Willow. Its central focus is to discuss the rich and varied themes of death found in art and literature. It has been modelled after the recently popular Death Cafes, which have arisen worldwide as a meeting place in which to discuss death over a cup of tea.

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Venue: The Exchange
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Open: TUE - SAT, 10.00 - 17.00
Closed: SUN & MON

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