Many & Beautiful Things

  • Image: Still from 11/18 by Melanie Manchot
  • Image: Chris on Senior day, 1977 The Joseph Szabo Project

29 Sep 2018 — 05 Jan 2019

Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange

Many & Beautiful Things is concerned with that time in youth when anything is possible, everything is ahead of you, and life is a rush for new experiences. Of course, there may be inner anguishes, but still there’s an abandon, a thirst – before it inevitably leaves, usually gradually, sometimes suddenly. Many & Beautiful Things is about those points when things change.

The exhibition includes Rineke Dijkstra’s series of seven portraits of Olivier as he passed though military training with the Foreign Legion, each image recording a systematic hardening of his bearing with the realisation that he has acquired authority, responsibility and that death is very much a reality.

Melanie Manchot filmed her daughter with Super 8 for a minute each month from the age of 11 to 18 years. Presented on nine monitors, we see in 11/18 the silent and gradual change in her appearance and her ways of relating to the camera, to her mother and to the world

Joseph Szabo was a young high-school teacher struggling to connect with his students, so he suggested he photograph them in class and later, as trust grew, they invited him to their hang outs. The photographs are an evocation of ’70s and ’80s America, and yet there is something timeless and compelling about Szabo’s portrayal of the universal teenager.

Other international artists will be included, alongside commissions from mid-career artists and work by young emerging artists based in Cornwall.  A programme of events will be announced soon.

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Michael Porter

29 Sep 2018 - 05 Jan 2019

The Picture Room, Newlyn Art Gallery