• Rose Wylie, History Painting at The Exchange, summer 2018. Photo: Steve Tanner.

  • Photo: Steve Tanner

  • Photo: Steve Tanner

  • Photo: Steve Tanner

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It has been such a pleasure to share Tuesday afternoons with our Tea, Cake & Art group since it started last year.

Tea, Cake & Art has been running since April with the support of our visitors and donors, as well as the funders below. We have been able to offer painting and drawing, printmaking, textiles, ceramics and model-making. We know that Tea, Cake & Art sessions bring health and wellbeing benefits to a sometimes isolated group of people. Our group has started doing art at home and meeting each other independently. They also co-curated their own their own exhibition at The Exchange in December 2019. The most common word our participants use when describing the session is ‘friendly’.

“I was in the bath at home when I remembered it was Tuesday afternoon, and Tea Cake & Art. I leapt out, water slopping everywhere, so that I wouldn’t miss the session.” Robert

“I enjoy the tea, cake, space and time.” L

The problem, and it’s a good one, is that Tea, Cake & Art is attracting more participants, with different needs, than we can easily accommodate. The solution is to double the number of sessions.

We were delighted to raise £2,000 for our Tea, Cake & Art Christmas Campaign 2019 and we would like to say a big Thank You to everyone who supported the campaign. As well as individual gifts, some people donated to Tea, Cake  & Art instead of sending Christmas cards and in one case, instead of receiving presents. The Friends in Harmony Choir generously made Tea, Cake & Art the beneficiary of their Christmas Concert. The funds raised will contribute to materials, refreshments, and artist fees, and will help us unlock other funds from a variety of sources.

If you’d like to help Tea, Cake & Art continue into 2020

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 “It makes a difference coming out each week with the intention of being creative. The tea and cake are very welcome. It’s nice to be provided for.”  Linda


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Project funders: Pender Law Solicitors, BBC Radio Cornwall, Cornwall Community Foundation, People’s Postcode Lottery, the Santander Foundation and Councillor Jim McKenna’s Community Chest and many visitors and online donors.

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