• Tea, Cake & Art blended session

  • Tea, Cake & Art blended session

  • Tea, Cake & Art blended session

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Our Christmas Campaign 2021 is to expand our offer of Tea, Cake and Art, in the gallery, online, or by post, to more of the people most in need of social and creative interaction, in whichever way is possible for them

Our target is to raise £4,000 by 19 Dec, so that we can reach more older, isolated or anxious people. Your help will enable us to do this, and in return, we can offer you lovely arty, Christmassy rewards

‘It’s tiring to just walk up a hill, I need to take a crayon with me, and just draw myself up the hill’

During the last two difficult years, our Tea, Cake & Art group has kept meeting weekly, making art, and sharing jokes and tea along with essential human contact, by Zoom and by post for those without digital access. We’ve been bringing people together who are uncertain about venturing out and those who are physically unable to.

We recognised some people were desperate to make contact in person, whilst for others getting out of the house was a longer-term goal … but we knew how to accommodate all those needs. We set up a blended group: both in person in the gallery, and online at the same time.

‘It was so nice to be back, physically and in person, and with people and have the chance to LITERALLY talk to another HUMAN BEING, which I was beginning to think didn’t exist anymore!’

We are still in the early days of experimenting with the tech, but we are now able to offer ways for people to take part in whichever way they feel comfortable, whether that’s at home or in the gallery, switching between them as suits their confidence and physical ability. For some, it’s too soon to take part in person in the gallery, but we have created a route for them when they are ready.

 ‘Oh, I just wanted to say, I’ve been in the gallery! I’ve not been in the gallery in two years, I haven’t been out. So I actually went to the gallery and saw the show, I didn’t know I would be able to do that but I did that. I actually did.’

That is why Tea, Cake & Art is our Christmas Campaign.

We need your help this winter to raise £4,000, to be able to offer blended sessions: both in the gallery and by zoom, and also by post, to more than 60 older, isolated or anxious people each week.

Please consider donating £5, £60 or even £500 in return for Christmassy, arty, delightful rewards, all of which can be wrapped ready for you to send as a gift. Funds raised will be generously matched by supporting funders, making your donation work twice as hard.

Thank you.

Donate now

Our Tea, Cake & Art social group for older people living alone is back in the gallery, and we want to ensure everyone can access all-important creative and wellbeing benefits in whichever way is comfortable for them. If you, or someone you know, would like to take part, please email Bettina Wenzel who will let you know how to join and what you will need.