Europe After The Rain, curated by Simon Faithfull. Newlyn Art Gallery, summer 2019. Photo by Steve Tanner

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Gallery Supporters are at the heart of the gallery audience and a vital part of all we do, from exhibition openings to artists’ talks, performances, to art sales. Supporters enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Free admission
  • 10% discount on shop purchases and artwork, and cafe purchases at The Exchange
  • Supporters’ private view invitations
  • Regular Supporters’ e-bulletins

Supporters and Patrons help us to show the most exciting of contemporary visual art from around the world and support emerging artists working in the region.

Your support often allows us to realise work that might not otherwise be possible. It enables us to provide inspiring and enduring social creativity benefits to individuals, families and schools, and is crucial in helping us to plan confidently for the future.

Becoming a Supporter, or making a donation helps us do this.

All Supporter subscriptions and donations, large or small, will ensure that we can keep offering our audience and our community art that can inspire and change things for the better.

Annual Supporters’ Subscription:

  • Individual Supporter £25
  • Supporter Couple £45
  • Senior Supporter £20
  • Senior Supporter Couple £35

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