Helena Russell: Jewellery: Silver brooch


Working in collaboration and using a hoard of old silversmithing tools as a starting point, the duo Francisca Onumah and Helena Russell will present a collaborative series of vessels and objects inspired by the past, present and future of the silversmithing industry in Sheffield, where they are both based. The project aims to challenge ideas of ‘preciousness’ and whether it sits with the final product or the making process itself. As part of the research for this commission, the artists have documented the personal histories of three Sheffield-based silversmiths, who have been involved in the industry in different capacities throughout most of their careers.

Onumah is drawn to finding character and human-like semblance in inanimate objects. She brings these observations into her work, by creating ambiguous sculptural objects that display an anthropomorphic disposition.

Russell takes inspiration from mechanical movements and mechanisms when designing and creating her one-off pieces. Her work utilises a mix of materials, including combinations of sterling silver and base metals which go through a process of patination to create blue, green, and purple colours on the surface of the metal.

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