The Palace of Culture at Newlyn Art Gallery

Image: The Palace of Culture, featuring detail of work by Naomi Frears.


For a month this spring, Newlyn Art Gallery will be transformed into an establishment of invigorating recreational activity inspired by Eastern European clubhouses for workers – a Palace of Culture.

Each of the four weeks, 18 Mar – 17 Apr, will be programmed by a different young Cultural Secretary with a background in literature, dance, theatre as well as the visual arts who will commission a varied selection of activity, which could include Do It Yourself Hobby Groups, Sports, Folk Dancing, Collecting, Arts, Films, Music, Literature or Amateur Theatre – all intended to delight and inspire their audience.

We need your help to make it happen, to support these young artists and create a magical Palace of Culture in Newlyn, and in return we are offering these treats for your donation:

  • For £10 You will become a Palace of Culture Star.
  • For £22 You will receive a Newlyn Art Gallery t-shirt designed especially for us by Samuel Bassett.
  • For £100 You will become a Palace of Culture Angel. You will get to see the artist-designer’s ideas, and watch them being turned into reality in the lead-up to the exhibition. You are also invited to the End of The Palace of Culture celebration party.
  • For £500 You have the opportunity to use either gallery for you own private party (on an agreed date in 2017), plus an exclusive exhibition tour and a Samuel Bassett t-shirt.

To invest in The Palace of Culture and young, regional artists, please click here and donateCheckout

Our target is £5,000, and a palatial, extra incentive to support the Palace of Culture Campaign is that every pound you donate will be matched by funds supplied by the Catalyst: Evolve fund, thereby doubling your donation.